"Not only is Connie an expert archivist, but she has enormous patience! My department's photo and document library was a disorganized mess. Connie established an easy-to-use filing system for my team and organized our extensive library."
- Deborah Copeland-Bloom, former PR Director, Mercy Health Partners

"Connie coalesced our rather eclectic and idiosyncratic photo needs into one agreeable format and provided us with an easy to use, cleanly organized, and accessible resource."
- Andrew Skola, Communications Director, Elderhostel (now Road Scholar), Boston, MA

"Connie provided an invaluable service to us when she organized and archived hundreds of our files and photos. She approached what seemed to be an overwhelming task with diligence and professionalism. The end result is a fabulously-organized system for our historical files, complete with a sensible labeling system and accompanying guidebook of where to find what."
- Erika Turan, APR, Marketing Manager, Jewish Hospital

"Connie has done several archiving projects for me and always does an outstanding job. She is thorough and extremely well organized. She is also an excellent writer and photographer. I am always happy with her work."
- Gail Myers, Gail Myers Public Relations, LLC

"What's really wonderful about what you've done is that you've made old people look beautiful as well as important. The elderly often feel ugly and are treated as if they don't know anything because they are out of touch with the modern world and a bit slow. You have done something really important for these people."
- Elaine Cook, daughter of a nonagenarian (now centenarian), referring to Positively 90 interview with her mother

"Connie has created beautiful photo calendars for me; one for Mom's 90th and one for Dad's 60th. She is proficient, creative and fun to work with!"
- Cindy Browne

"Your interest in Aunt Helen's story gave her purpose and a great deal of satisfaction. Thanks so much for taking the time to really listen and record the life of an everyday person dearly loved by many."
- Linda Cosgrove, close friend of a nonagenarian

"I was so impressed by Connie's ability to so eloquently put together the pieces of the history of our little shop, and subsequently, our lives."
- Tracy Monson, former owner, Essencha Teahouse